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How to make an Origami Balloon Base


origami balloon base




Balloon base is one of two important simple base in origami. Equally important base is Square base. The relationship between Balloon base and Square base is like one between valley-fold and mountain-fold.


back side of origami paper

You can start with any kind paper with a square size.

Here the back side of the paper is shown.

front side of origami paper

This is the front side of paper.


It is somewhat shinier compare to the back side.


crease pattern of origami balloon base

The crease pattern (CP) for balloon base is shown on the left.


The order of folding is

(1) two valley-folds followed by

(2) two mountain-folds.


The following steps #1 through #8 explain these folding in detail.


The CP for balloon base is exactly opposite of the one for square base. If you switch between valley-fold and mountain-fold, then you can switch the base.


origami balloon base (step #1)


Let's start with a paper's front side facing up.


Prepare for a valley-fold along the mid horizontal line.


origami balloon base (step #2)


Apply the valley-fold of the step #1.


origami balloon base (step #3)


Prepare for a valley-fold along the mid vertical line.


origami balloon base (step #4)


Valley-fold of the step #4.


origami balloon base (step #5)


Prepare to mountain-fold along a diagonal line.


origami balloon base (step #6)


Apply the mountain-fold of the step #5.


origami balloon base (step #7)


Prepare to mountain-fold along another diagonal line.


origami balloon base (step #8)


Mountain-fold along the diagonal line.


Prepare to touch four corners with your fingers.


origami balloon base (step #9)


Touch each corner with your finger.


Prepare to move your fingers along the arrow directions.


origami balloon base (step #10)


Flatten the model.


origami balloon base (step #11)


Put the model down.


Balloon base is now completed.





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Origami Bases: How To Make An Origami Balloon Base

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