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How to make an Origami Kite Base




Origami kite base



Kite base is a simple base in origami but used in many important origmai models such as origami bird and swan.



Kite base 00A

This is the front side of paper.


It is somewhat shinier compare to the back side.


Kite base front side

Here the back side of the paper is shown.

Kite base step #1


Let's start with a paper's back side facing up.


Prepare for a valley-fold along a diagonal line.


Kite base step #2


Apply the valley-fold of the step #1.


Prepare to unfold it.


Kite base step #3


Open the paper.


Prepare for two valley-folds.


Kite base step #4


Apply two valley-folds according to the step #3.


You've just completed making a kite base. The name "kite" is originated from the shape which resembles the kite.



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Origami Bases: How To Make An Origami Kite Base

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