Petal-fold in origami

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petal-fold in origami




Petal fold is very important folding technique in origami. When you prepare for a bird base, you must apply this folding technique to complete the base. So you should get familiar with this folding technique. In this tutorial, I will start with a square base to show what petal-fold is.



petal-fold in origami: front side of paper


The "petal-fold" symbol is represented by a symbol with one "valley-fold" , two "mountain-folds" , and two flat-folds.

petal-fold in origami: back side of paper


If we apply "petal-fold", then two front-most layers converted so that the shape will be changed to the one shown on the left.


In the next page, the instruction will show how to apply the petal-fold in detail.


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