Rabbit Ear Fold in Origami

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Open sink-fold is another important folding technique in origami. Although it is somewhat advanced folding technique, You should get familiar with this since it is being used frequently. In this tutorial, I will start with both square and balloon bases to show what "open sink-fold" does to any model.



Origami Rabbit Ear Fold(0)

Origami Rabbit Ear Fold(1)


Before applying a rabbit-ear-fold, you need to look for a triangular region.


In a typical square-paper (shown on the left), you can have either an upper triangular region or a lower triangular region.


If we have a vertical dotted line instead, then we will have a left triangular region and a right triangular region instead.


In this example, we will choose the upper triangular region but you can choose any region.

Origami Rabbit Ear Fold(0)

Origami Rabbit Ear Fold(1)


The symbol for rabbit-ear-fold is represent with three valley-fold lines meeting at the center.


Thus, it is the same as "outside reverse-fold" since they both share three valley-fold lines.


The difference is if the center is folded or not.


If the center is folded, then it is the "outside reverse-fold" .


If the center is unfolded, then it is the rabbit-ear-fold.


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